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crisis in libya. the bloody conflict continues to grow. now the rebels are pleading for help. hello again. i'm jessica kartalija. here's what people are talking about today. the international community is still considering its options as the fighting intensifies in libya. we'll have more on the conflict. but we begin with randall pinkston reporting from the united nations. >> reporter: libyan rebels continue to fight forces loyal to moammar gadhafi, but warplanes pounded rebel positions, a strategic oil port. the rebels are becoming more frustrated and angry as they try
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to remove cad dprad power. but in defiant speeches, gadhafi is promising supporters he will never end libya. his advisers say reports that gadhafi has offered to step down is nonsense. >> reporter: britain and france want the u.n. to establish a no-fly zone. britain's foreign minister calls it a realistic and practical possibility but says it must have international support into clearly the opposition forces in libya have already called for a no-fly zone. >> reporter: libya's foreign minister is accusing the west of siding with the rebels. the crackdown has left hundreds dead. the libyan government is now saying it wants the u.n. top send a fact-finding mission to
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investigate the violence. at the united nations reporting. gas prices are high and going high are because of the unrest in libya. wjz and mike schuh are live with a less than welcome reception to this. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon. what we've seen is the second highest july in u.s. history a fact not lost on those here at the pumps. the price affects everything from flying to fruits and veggies. how much is that hurting you? >> it's really bad. it's really bad, probably about $75 to $80 to fill this up oar are our country uses 400 million gallons of gas a day. >> right now it's an easy $4. that's already there in california. wouldn't be surprised to see a this get closer to $5.
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>> reporter: that doesn't sit well here in baltimore. >> it's troubling. it does not stop me from driving around because necessity overweighs the cost of the gas and you just have to make it work. >> reporter: at the pump there's acceptance. they stay it will go to $5. >> that's fine. >> reporter: california is the worst. the mountain states the best. maryland is somewhere in the middle. >> got to go to work. got to pick my kids up. got to do what i got to do. >> reporter: the u.s. government has a strategic gasoline reserve of three quarters of a billion gallons of gas. jess, back to you . >> the last time that reserve was tapped, prices went down 25 cents. >> we're learning more about the
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disappearance of two girls. police arrested irvin winfrey. he is charged with rape and a sex offense. the 12 and 14-year-old girls were first thought to be abducted. police are looking for two children abducted by their biological mother. danielle wiggins took the two from their foster mother. she was last seen with the children last week near lexington market. one day after the so-called east coast rapist make as court appearance, there is belief that he may be responsible for even more attacks. >> reporter: aaron thomas is suspected in 17 sexual assaults.
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he was arrested last week after an eel -- electric billboards wind up. prosecutors told the judge when police ray rested thomas he asked -- what took you so long? thomas is being held in connecticut on $1 1/2 million bail. >> right now thomas has not been charged in maryland. a u.s. house committee is in baltimore to address the foreclosure crisis. the committee is looking into widespread abuses by mortgage brokers and steps the government can take to keep families in their home. it has hit baltimore especially hard. late last year the state issued a temporary moratorium to review the process. baltimore county congressman dutch ruppersberger is fighting to protect soldiers killed in
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battle. he will announce legislation to prevent protests at military funerals. last week the supreme court ruled that the protests could take place. >> bill to ban drivers from reading text messages will soon head to the governor's desk. >> i'm actually 16. i completely agree with this. >> late last night the maryland senate passed the measure. drivers could be fined up to $500 are in reading a text while driving or sitting at a traffic light. right now drivers are banned from sending a text message but not reading qun. howard county could soon install speed cameras. the county executive will announce a plan to place the mobile cam flays some school zones. he made the decision after a decision on speeding of all 72 of the county's schools. the ticket would carry a $40
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fine. >> we have clear skies for now but more rain is on the way. take lag live look outside a relatively mild start to the afternoon. wjz is live with first warning weather. marty is in the outback. we begin with bernadette woods, who is enjoying the day with us in the weather center. >> we're having a fun time. sunshine is giving way to high clouds, but that's about it. temperatures are warming up. take a look, warming up to 46 in baltimore. 48 in d.c. even upper 30s out in the mountains. we want to show you first warning doppler radar. what we're going to do is open up this and the next storm is getting its act together. it's moving our way. it's going to do so slowly. for more on what we can expect, send it out to marty in the outback. not only will it be a big rain storm, it will be yet
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another big winter storm for some folks with plowable snow moving through the upper ohio valley and the great lakes states. for toc will be a pretty good slug of moisture that could come with thunderstorms, which would mean heavy downpours and going through all day thursday we have a flood watch for maryland, delaware, pennsylvania and jersey. a few more counties will illuminate before we get to later tomorrow afternoon. it will be soaking wet. the winds will get nice in time for the weekend. bernadette woods with the details cup chop -- coming up shortly. the orioles head to clearwater today to take on the philadelphia phillys. they're coming off a lackluster performance against the yankees. the game ended with zeros.
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mark reynolds couldn't beat the throw. that's the orioles home opener april 4th against the detroit tigers. you can watch it live right here on wjz. our special coverage starts live at 2:00. still top come on wjz eyewitness news at noon, a missing student where police found the body of an exchange student who disappeared more than a week ago. how a high school basketball team in michigan honored a fallen teammate. taking a live look outside a sunny afternoon but rain could be on the way. your updated forecast is coming up.
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the body of a u.s. exchange student was pulled out of the river. police say there are no signs of foul play in the death of 22-year-old austin bice. his body was found in a river not too far from that club. playing with heavy hearts, a michigan high school basketball team takes the court days after the death of their star player. they gathered before the game in
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holland, michigan. the 16-year-old suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed after scoring the winning basket last week. >> we're playing for wes. being this enthusiastic helps us. >> the team won the game and will move on to the second round of the state tournament. wes len nerd's funeral is today. the northeast is digging out after another snowstorm blasted the region. in vermont near blizzard conditions buried cars, homes, nearly everything in its path. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at noon, take a live look outside and stick around. your complete first -- complete first warning forecast still ahead. we'll be right back. with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you.
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welcome back. the sun is out. it's hazy. high clouds are starting to stream. today is pretty nice. 46 degrees is where we sit.
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most of us in the 40s. we're heading into the 50s. the winds are in the process of turning around to the south. that's going to not only provide milder air but also some moisture our way. see those clouds out to the west. now this is a very slow mover. it's going to take awhile to get here and get out also. you can see out to the west a lot of rain. they're going to be thunderstorms and potentially severe weather today. that's the storm that's going to move our way. the clouds start to move. they will take over tomorrow. most of tomorrow should be dry but late tomorrow we'll see the rain move. tomorrow night straight through thursday, actually early friday morning rounds of heavy rain and the potential for some thunderstorms. we're talking a lot of rain. there could be a couple inches of rain with this one. that's why a flood watch will go into effect. it's bringing that right over
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the mid-atlantic. here's the flood watch. it will continue through thursday night. some of the rain could stick around before the storm starts to move out. so enjoy today. it's a nice one. we're getting up to 53. tonight we start to see more clouds moving in. we're going into the 30s. tomorrow clouds take over, a pretty cloudy day but a dry day. the rain will move in later or during the evening hours. 48 for the high. but pretty close to it. then the rain starts to pick up tomorrow night and like last time you can see a couple inches of rain. so the areas that had the problems before this isn't going to help so much. if any more come out, we'll let you know. still ahead why a new study finds one of the most popular diets might be the best way to shed those extra pounds. here are the top stories on
12:20 pm at this hour. for more, log,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's wjz's healthwatch, a new study finds stroke patients with an irregular heart beat are more
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likely to develop demen sha. researchers analyzed data from people and the study's author said more studies need to be done on the rest have the population to confirm that link. acupuncture could give women relief from the hot flashes of menopause. a study found women who were treated for 10 weeks had lessee veer hot flashes than women who were given simulated acupuncture where it didn't target pressure points. they believe it may stimulate the chemical that regulates body temperature. studies looked at mediterranean diets and said it had a positive effect on blood pressure, and it includes
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olives, fish and powell industry. check in with us today at 4, 5 and 6. joran van der sloot's plea. and children and cereal. do they really like the sugary taste or what's on the box. join us for these stories and the breaking news today right after dr. phil. ,,,,,,
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♪ welcome back. the sun is out today. you can feel the spring taste in the air. however, we have another storm coming our way. enjoy the day. >> i think we've covered the upcoming rain sufficiently. we'll keep revising that forecast for you and try to get you exact timing of max precip and whatnot. let's look at clearing skies on friday with a high of 50. the weekend is not looking bad. saturday almost 60. some clouds will come in and get that umbrella effect. knock us back six degrees to 52. weekend's looking good. isn't that what counts? let's throw it back inside. all right. don't miss tonight's prime-time lineup. at 10:00 "the good wife" immediately followed by
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eyewitness news at 11. the party is in full swing this fat tuesday in new orleans. the parade goers will be on the route all day has floats roll down the streets of new orleans during the afternoon. carnival officially ends at midnight tonight. looks like fun. >> they take you and push you right out. >> all right. have,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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